Month: May 2020

Tips for Online Classes Success: 6 Home Learning Tools

Keeping the kids happy, healthy and learning at home during this lockdown period is a challenge to say the least! Here is why we think e-learning could be the next big thing, and how to make sure you set your kids up for success learning online from home.

Science Like A Girl: Cybersecurity Leader Laura Deaner

Laura Deaner loves computers. As the Chief Information Security Officer responsible for stopping hackers from attacking S&P Global, that’s hardly surprising. But getting to spend her days elbows deep in technology didn’t happen right away. She didn’t even get to peek inside a computer until college. Her knack for spotting weaknesses was an important start. …

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Virus vs Bacteria: What’s the Difference?

Difference between Virus and Bacteria Both viruses and bacteria are microbes and can cause diseases in humans. While they share some similarities, they are also very different. Here are some of the ways that they differ from each other. The main difference between bacteria and virus is that bacteria are living cells, capable of reproducing and surviving on …

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Summer Books For Kids to Read and Learn

A good book is a perfect tool to help kids develop their language, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. Here are 10 great books for kids who want to learn something new.

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