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Roselin Rosario-Meléndez

Cosmetic Chemist Roselin Rosario-Meléndez

Dr. Roselin Rosario-Meléndez has always loved makeup, but even her younger self couldn’t have imagined that she would end up creating a best-selling lipstick as a chemist. She had never known a chemist, let alone heard of a cosmetic chemist. Being a scientist just didn’t cross her young mind. Finding her way to her career …

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Scientist & Chief Science Advocate

Corporate Scientist & Chief Science Advocate Jayshree Seth

Dr. Jayshree Seth has a passion for searching out problems. As a Corporate Scientist for 3M, she has taken on everything from keeping diapers on wiggly babies to finding the perfect level of stickiness for a roll of packing tape. Image Credit : Jayshree Seth Jayshree even has 70 patents hanging on her wall to …

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Cybersecurity Leader Laura Deaner

Cybersecurity Leader Laura Deaner

Laura Deaner loves computers. As the Chief Information Security Officer responsible for stopping hackers from attacking S&P Global, that’s hardly surprising. But getting to spend her days elbows deep in technology didn’t happen right away. She didn’t even get to peek inside a computer until college. Her knack for spotting weaknesses was an important start. …

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Dr Anne Madden

Science Like a Girl: Dr Anne Madden

Dr. Anne A. Madden wears many hats. Some of them are physical, like the statement hats with 3D-printed microbes she wears as science conversation starters. Some are metaphorical, like her shared roles as an industry scientist, academic researcher, and science communicator. Dr Madden in 4th grade. [Image Credit : Anne Madden] But whichever hat she …

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