Pradyumna Rajashekar

Pradyumna is a Biology undergraduate, with a taste for Ecology and Wildlife Biology. He has an appetite for understanding biological systems, and sharing the excitement of discovery through writing When he's not reading papers on his laptop, he's out mountain biking, bird watching and travelling the countryside. His other passions include drumming, photography and tinkering with vintage gizmos. Writing for Smore allows him to combine his fascination for the natural world with his passion for popular science communication.

Batteries come in a variety of shapes and sizes

A Fight for Power: The History of Batteries

Batteries come in various sizes, shapes, and types, from the tiny batteries inside hearing aids to massive ones connected to the grid. Batteries are designed and used for a dizzying array of tasks! With this amount of variety, even choosing the right batteries at the store can be confusing! Batteries come in a variety of …

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A water bomber suppressing a wildfire

Are All Forest Fires Bad?

Every year we hear of forest fires that engulf cities, endanger human lives, and cause the mass destruction of property. These fires rage uncontrolled, so large that they cannot be put out, turning the skies red and charring everything in their paths. Forestry and fire services take many precautions to avoid these blazes. People visiting …

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