Marine Biology For Kids: Things You Have To Do

When you tell someone you’re a marine biologist no one seems to quite know what to do with this information. In my time as a marine biologist, I’ve gotten some strange comments regarding my career. It appears that, along the way, people have gathered some misconceptions about marine scientists. In marine biology for kids here are […]Read More

Free Valentine’s Day Printable for Kids: Super Cute & Nerdy!

Looking for cute and nerdy cards to send with your kids to school this Valentines day? We have the perfect ones for you! Plus we are giving them away to you for FREE! So go ahead and print as many as you need. Give out these super cute animal cards paired with a little healthy snack or […]Read More

STEM Activities For Kids: 5 Things To Develop Skills

Educators and researchers agree early literacy experiences are important for children’s cognitive and language development. For the past 30 years, there has been a strong movement to foster children’s literacy skills. This has resulted in an abundance of information on how parents can do this by reading books, singing songs and nursery rhymes, playing word […]Read More

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