Making a difference: Melissa Cristina Marquez

Melissa Christina Márquez loves being a champion for misunderstood creatures. She is a marine biologist and founder of the Fins United Initiative. She spends her days studying sharks and challenging preconceived notions. Melissa wants everyone to see beyond stereotypes, whether for her finned friends or her fellow women in STEM.  Melissa’s love of science started […]Read More

The Hidden Beauty of Cells

My name is Hannah Yoder, 16-year old author and illustrator of “Cellfies: A Cell Biology Coloring Book.”As a student at a STEM high school in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, I have been fortunate to have had early opportunities to perform cell biology research at a local university, during which I have used advanced molecular biology […]Read More

The Best Science Fair Project Guide and Experiments (that actually

Hey kids! Are you wondering what to do for your school science fair? You want to do something cool and fun. You want to “wow” the judges with your research and presentation. But you don’t know where to start!Look no further. We’ve put together a great science fair guide that will walk you through the […]Read More

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