Summer STEM Programs: Challenge To Build A Nest

Our summer STEM Challenge is to BUILD A NEST

From the tiny hummingbird to the mighty eagle many birds build unique nests to protect their young ones from predators and the weather. Nests come in all different shapes and sizes and are made using different materials. While there is the blue-footed booby who clears an area, marks it with its guano (bird poop), and calls it a nest. There are also birds like the weaver birds that painstakingly build one of the most beautiful, and intricate nests. Watch the video clip below to see these brilliant builders create their masterpiece homes and participate in these summer STEM programs.

Summer Stem Programs

Are you ready for the Summer of STEM challenge? For this challenge, we decided to take inspiration from the master engineers -BIRDS.

Your challenge is to think like a bird and using materials found in nature, try to build a little nest. What kind of materials do birds use to build nests? Different birds collect different materials to build their nests. Look for twigs, feathers, moss, grass, leaves, tree branches, and stones to compete in the summer STEM programs.

Remember you are a bird building a nest. You cannot use glue or tape to hold the nest together.

So take a nature walk and gather as many materials as you can, research and pick your favorite nest and get building!

Good Luck!

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