A Literary treat for bright young minds

Smore Box

Smore Box is a subscription box that pairs our popular science magazine with other delightful products and delivers it right to your door once every three months.

Smore Box

What's Inside

Smore Print Magazine

A magazine that packs the latest science news, inspiring scientist interviews, games, jokes and trivia for curious minds to laugh, learn and discover the world of S.T.E.A.M.

Themed Fiction/Non-Fictionbook

Every box includes a carefully curated theme-based new release children’s fiction or non-fiction book. Each book is selected for its ability to make the biggest impact on your young reader.


Brain Boosting Activity

Boxes include brain-building activities to sharpen young minds

Stickers or Bookmarks

We believe as kids one can never have too many stickers or bookmarks.

The Water Crisis


Download STEM experiments, puzzles, brain games and more. Anytime. Anywhere.



Thank you for this initiative. It is a wonderful idea and I love how much my daughter looks forward to receiving her Smore! She even knows when the next one is due and agonizes if it's late!!

JoAnn Designation

My 11year old just received her Smore box and loves it. You’re really inspiring and sparking interest in the STEM area

Angela Designation

Taken in our "cookie fort", our Girl Scout opens her first Smore box. Needless to say it didn't disappoint this almost 11yo! She is putting up the poster on her wall as we speak...Thank you very much for all your company does. We love it!


I'm not overstating it when I tell you my daughter was THRILLED with the concept of receiving abox filled with fun science and brainiac materials (including a BOOK--she adores books). She thanked me repeatedly (which was awesome too) but her continued interest in the materials beyond the first 5 minutes was the big thank-you. Her older brother also found the book fun to read. This one was a winner! The box arrived in good condition too and the presentation with a little tissue made it a genuine gift. Thanks again!!

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