Best Science Kits for Kids – Smore Science Kits


The best science kits for kids are an affordable way for kids to learn and enjoy hands-on science.


Welcome to STEM and Straws science kits- the best science kits for kids.


A product of Smore Science, these kits are created by STEM experts to give curious children a fun hands-on learning and experimenting experience.


Each Kit:

  • has enough materials for repeat experiments
  •  includes extension activities to continue learning
  •  has detailed scientific explanations and fun trivia
  •  is minimally packaged
  •  is priced affordably

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Kits Include:

-Colorful Chemistry
-Surface Tension Science
-Secret Message Decoder
-Slimy Worms & Popping Pearls
-Phenomenal Physics Kit
-Wobble Pen
-Glowing Crystals
-Light Up Paper Lanterns
-Bath Bomb Science Kit
-Draw With Light Kit
-Fingerprinting Kit
-Muscles and Bones Kit
-Tilt-activated Nightlight
-Owl Dissection Kit
-UV Science Kit

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