Magazine Bundle with FREE Stickers


Special Offer: Purchase this 4 magazine bundle of our best issues for $14.99 only. Plus FREE Smore Stickers included with every purchase.
Issues in this bundle:
1. Museum curator and science Youtuber Emily Graslie
2. Kate the Chemist
3. Cybersecurity expert Laura Deaner
4. Cosmetic Chemist Roselin Rosario-Melendez
Each issue focuses on the latest discoveries and trending science topics while showcasing STEM role models and professionals in various walks of life that help children understand the benefits of getting into STEM fields and how they can do it too. Latest in science and technology articles, interviews, career profiles, puzzles, trivia, and hands-on activities can enrich learning while inspiring young girls and boys to dream big. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or educator, you can now inspire your children to pursue STEM careers with this perfect gift.
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