Issue 18 Jayshree Seth Corporate Scientist & Chief Science Advocate


Inside this issue:

The cover story is about Jayshree Seth who moved across continents on her own to study engineering. She took on new challenges, overcome self-doubt and kept moving forward to reach where she is today; a Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate at 3M.

Can one person change the world? The story about Wangari Maathai, the woman who dedicated her life to working on environmental issues and women’s rights, is proof that it is possible.

If you have a kid who dreams of a future career involving animals, then the story of Deirdre Ousterhout, an animal keeper at the Atlanta Zoo will be especially fascinating. She shares what’s it like to care for the animals and which ones are her favorite.
Also in this issue:
– The latest in Science in the news -Do fireflies light up in space? What’s this news about life on Venus?
– Why astronomers believe spaceships need to be built like sailboats?
– About the thrilling discovery scientists have made about the universe that they just can’t explain…yet!
– How to use the power of visualization to ride the wave of emotions
– Animal Migrations Poster

This issue has lots of fun activities to do as a family and create those happy holiday memories. Grow your own crystal snowflake ornaments or whip up a batch of delicious dinner rolls together, solve crosswords, host trivia night or defrost your vocabulary and learn new words like Firn or Flakelet 🙂

Whether you are traveling or staying home for the holidays, we hope this 56-page issue gives every child what they may need the most- inspiration, joy, or a fun read by the warm fireplace.

This could be the best gift you give your children this year.

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