Issue 14 Danielle Feinberg on Computer Science & Animation


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Danielle Feinberg knows what magic feels like. As Director of Photography for Lighting for Pixar Animation Studios, she breathes life into worlds and characters of movies like Coco, Brave, WALL-E and more. And creating that magic means finding a way to be an artist and a scientist at the same time. In the Jan/Feb issue, read about Danielle’s inspirational journey of loving art, discovering science and making magic with both.

– Animation is awesome! Learn how it works and create one on your own.
– How Grace Hopper helped jumpstart the computer age.
– What is Virtual Reality and why is it coming to your doctor’s office?
– Love Space? Then see how a career as a Space Miner would be perfect for you.
– Want to use science to help solve crimes? Meet forensic scientist Dr. Kelly Knight.
– PLUS: decode science words, binary fun, puzzles, brain-teasers, crosswords and more!

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