Periodic Table For Kids: New Illustrated Version

Did you know 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table? 2019 marks 150 years since the publication of Dmitri Mendeleev’s first periodic table. The table has proved to be a very powerful tool to organize all the elements we find in nature. We have all seen it, studied it, and maybe even attempted to memorize it. So we created an illustrated version of the periodic table for kids!

Some of the elements on the table are quite familiar -hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, and we can easily identify them in our everyday lives. But many of them are not that evident. Wouldn’t it be great if we knew how the different chemicals are used by us or where they are found in nature? This knowledge would be a great way to understand and appreciate the importance of the various elements in our everyday lives.

In this version, you can not only see the complete table of elements with their symbols, and atomic numbers, but you can also see its most common occurrence. There are also additional icons included that display the state of the element at room temperature (Solid, Liquid, or Gas). So looking at this poster you can tell that Germanium with atomic number 32 and symbol Ge is a solid and is most commonly used in solar cells.

Illustrated periodic table for kids
Illustrations to show the everyday occurrence of elements.

We are making this periodic table for kids poster available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. It would be a great addition to any science lab, classroom, library, or home. We hope this version of the periodic table helps children and adults appreciate the diversity of chemicals found in nature, and understand how we are using them to improve our lives.

We think this is a poster even Dmitri Mendeleev would have wanted in his room!


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