Mystical Mushroom Pictures

 People have long been fascinated with mushrooms. These unique organisms pop up in books, poems, paintings, and even video games (Super Mario Bros.). They are often depicted as magical or having special powers.

Apart from the typical umbrella-shaped varieties that we commonly see, mushrooms come in a variety of fascinating shapes and sizes. Some mushrooms can be eaten, but others can be dangerous or even deadly.

Are mushrooms plants?

Mushrooms, also called toadstools, are not plants. They are the fruiting parts of fungi that are typically not seen by the eyes because they grow underground. Mushrooms do not need sunlight to grow. Instead, they absorb the nutrients they need to grow from rotting plants and animals. They are usually found in woods, forest floors, or areas that have a lot of moisture.

Here you will see some of the most unusual and mystical mushrooms that exist in the natural world.

Mycena Interrupta

What it looks like: This rare mushroom is also called a pixie’s parasol. It does look like a fairy’s tiny umbrella with its shiny blue cap attached to a white stem.

Where to find it: Southeast Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, and Chile

Amethyst Mushrooms (Elaeomyxa Cerifera)

What it looks like: Is it a mushroom or a disco ball? This mushroom looks like it has an entire galaxy in it. The shiny, silver-, purple-, and green-colored glitter-like slime is caused by the release of the mushroom’s spores.

Where to find it: Northern Tasmania

Amethyst Deceiver

What it looks like: Having a bright purple color, this mushroom is easy to spot on the forest floor. However, it fades and loses its color as it ages.

Where to find it: North America, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia

Phallus Indusiatus

What it looks like: This mushroom looks like a lady wearing a skirt that’s why it’s also called the veiled lady.  

Where to find it: Asia and the Pacific

Marasmius Haematocephalus

What it looks like: With a dark pink cap with scalloped edges, light pink or white gills, and a delicate brown stem, this uniquely beautiful mushroom looks like a parachute.

Where to find it: all continents, except Antarctica


What it looks like: This is a typical brown mushroom, but with the unique quality of emitting puffs of smoke. The smoke is actually a release of spores that comes out of a hole on top of the mushroom.

Where to find it: all continents, except Antarctica

Mycena Chlorophos

What it looks like: A glow-in-the-dark mushroom, this species shines bright green when temperatures reach exactly 81 degrees.

Where to find it: South Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australia

Panus Fasciatus

What it looks like: Brown and hairy, with a trumpet-shaped body, this mushroom is like no other. Stiff brown hairs cover the cap and stem of this mushroom making it easy to identify.

Where to find it: Asia and the Pacific

Clathrus Ruber

What it looks like: This inedible mushroom has a bright red spherical body. The hollow body formed by interlaced or latticed branches makes it a beautiful mushroom, indeed.

Where to find it: Northern California, South America, and Asia

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