Earth Day Crafts with Recycled Materials

Earth day is today, but what exactly is it? It’s a day that was established in 1970 as a way to get schoolchildren to understand issues about the environment. It has since evolved to the point where over 175 countries participate every year to promote awareness and appreciation for our Earth. If you think about it, every day should (and can) be Earth day. You can take the time to do little things like recycle, use fewer plastics, clean up your community, and even spread awareness about how important it is to take care of our planet. You can take small and simple steps to do your part in keeping our planet clean. One such small step is to reuse and recycle everyday plastic and paper items that would otherwise just end up straight in the trash. We have rounded up some great crafts to get you inspired to find more uses for what you (in many cases) already have and turn that trash into treasure. Gather the kids and get crafty this Earth-Day!

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This Easter you probably got a few eggs filled with candy or toys that you can put to use for something else. Here’s a great way to reuse those egg halves by turning them into planters that are both functional and super pretty. 

Learn how to make your own baskets using paper!  It’s cute, functional and best of all, you can reuse newspapers or magazines to make it.

Why not take those old plastic soda bottles and make your own terrarium? What’s a terrarium? Besides being a fun word to say, it’s actually a container that houses plants and soil. Check out this DIY project and create your own little rainforest world!

Everyone has toilet paper rolls in their house. Wouldn’t it be great to reuse those in a way that encourages fun, imaginative play? A great idea from “Rise of the Geeklings” to turn those rolls into Superhero cuffs so you can battle evil forces while saving the planet!

If superheroes aren’t your thing, here’s another great craft using toilet paper rolls and turning them into space shuttles! Send your toy figures to another planet!

Recycling is always in fashion! You can reuse the soda can/pop tabs to create beautiful jewelry. Lots of ways to get creative with this one and share with your friends

If you’ve got a spare phone book laying around, you probably realize you don’t use it as often as you think. This is a great way to make sure that giant book gets put to good use:

Once you’ve read a magazine, you can turn the pages into beautiful butterflies to hang on your wall.

Earthworms are pretty awesome for the planet. Did you know these slimy little guys help plants grow by turning recyclable trash and compost (food scraps) into healthy soil nutrients? If you have always wanted to begin composting, but didn’t really know where to begin, here is a small scale version you can do with the kids.

We hope these activities and crafts have inspired you to think of creative ways to recycle and reuse everyday items before throwing them away in the trash. We encourage you to take such small simple steps to try and recycle as much as you can so that everyday day can be Earth Day!

If you want to learn more about and get involved with recycling efforts in your community, check out: 




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