Busting 10 Common Shark Myths

10 Myths About Sharks Busted

Sharks bite people a lot

Shark bites are probably rarer than you think. You’re more likely to be killed by a cow or a falling vending machine than a shark.

“Rogue sharks” (sharks that eat people) exist

False! The majority of sharks prefer fish and invertebrates (like squid).

Sharks bite people on purpose

Sharks mistakenly bite humans and don’t find us appetizing at all.

Megalodon is still alive

There is no scientific evidence that Megalodon is still alive.

All sharks look the same: They’re big and have sharp teeth

With over 500 different species, they actually vary from one another quite a bit! The smallest shark is around no more than 17.5 centimetres (6.8 inches) and the largest can get up to 12.65 metres (41.5 feet)!

Sharks are not smart

They once were considered unintelligent, but scientists have found that sharks are quite intelligent!

Sharks constantly need to keep moving

While some sharks need to constantly swim to breathe, many species don’t.

Sharks don’t get cancer

Sharks DO get cancer and other illnesses.

Nothing eats sharks

Plenty of animals eat sharks – including other sharks!

We don’t need sharks

False! Sharks play an important role in keeping our ocean healthy and balanced.

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